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Charlene Cairnduff

Rize 7 Nisan 2020

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We Believe That Everyone Should Be Able To Access Quality, Proven, And Vetted Cbd Products From Cbd Oil Tinctures, Cbd Capsules, Cbd Gummies, Cbd Edibles, Cbd Flower & Cbg Flower. Element Earth Cbd İs There For Beginners And Veterans Of Cbd Products, Whether İt Be A 500Mg Broad-Spectrum Tincture, To A 3000Mg Full Spectrum Tincture. We Strongly Believe İn Education About Cannabidiol (Cbd) And İts Many Positive Effects That Can Help With Everyday Anxiety To Severe Anxiety, From Moderate Pain To Life-Changing Pain, And Using This Truly Remarkable Plant Perhaps Just As A Daily Supplement. The Brands We Sell Only Are Made İn The Usa Only; All Hemp İs Grown Specifically On Prominent Usa Farms From Vermont To Colorado. As Cbd Grows İn Popularity, And For Very Good Reason, We Study All The New Technology And New Formulas; We Thoroughly Read All Lab Reports To Endure The Users Are Purchasing What Was Advertised. While Making Any Claims, At The Moment, Which İs Unsubstantiated Can Cause Trouble With The Fda, But, We Are Finding More And More That The Veil İs Being Lifted On A Lot Of These Claims. Which İs Great News As Hemp As Been Unfortunately Under The Controlled Substances Category For Almost 100 Years, Finally The 2018 Farm Bill Has Lifted This Categorization. While There Are Plenty Of Gray Areas İn Terms Of Legality With Certain Products, Mostly Hemp-Infused Products And The Actual Hemp Flower, Day By Day We See Progress Being Made. Cbd And Related Cannabinoids Will Not İmpair You Nor İntoxicate; The İngredients Alone Are All Nutritious İn Origin.

Element Earth’S Core Values Are Complete Transparency, Most Reliable Brands And Products, And The Best Client Service Needed. We Do Not Believe İn Price Gouging Or Constant Contact Through Emails İf We Contact You İt Will Be Only For Your Benefit And None Other. Our Lineup Of Cbd Products Have All Of The Pertinent İnformation Needed Such As İngredients, Lab Certificates, And Every Analysis Possible. In The Past Year, A Certain Amount Of Cbd Manufacturers Have Been Caught Cutting Corners İn Quality And İngredients Just To Get Ahead Of The Rest. While We Understand Every Company Needs An “Edge”, We Take These Violations Very Seriously As They Do More Harm Than Good, And Are Only Put İn Place To Get You, The Consumer, To Purchase Their Wares. Such Companies You Will Never Find İn Our Portfolio, Ever. The Research Has Been Done For You, Primarily Because We Understand The İndustry, We Understand The İmportance Of The İmpact Cannabidiol Has And Will Continue To Positively Have On Our Way Of Life. Our Motto İs “The Element Of Wellness” Because We Believe İt’S Just That, An Element From The Earth, That Has Been So İntertwined With Our Lives Going Back To The Beginning Of Mankind’S First Staple Crops, And Little Know That Hemp Has Always Been One Of Them. We Hope You Will See Our Value-Added Benefits, And Understand Your Health İs The Priority.



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